The Netflix Love Story | Indulging lives into the Cinematic Experience

From matching vibes with the ‘Mismatched’ to learn each other own difference with ‘The Kissing Booth’,each of our love story takes its shape into not so perfect yet through-going.
From taking time to let them slip into your comfortable space with ‘To All The Boys I’ve loved Before’ to ‘Pride and Prejudice’, the through-going love story start to reflect you bursting heart into each other souls.

Every love story has a range of phases, sometime you love them so much and they also paired with the kind of love you have but confessing it to them is the hardest like ‘The Sex Education’.
Sometime their love story starts with someone else but eventually butterfly start flapping their wings and they end up in yours like Damon and Elena in ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

How come a love story be a story worth narrating without binge watching those Korean Dramas with each other, without the epic scene where Song Joong come out of the airplane to greet Song Hye Kyo from ‘The Descendants of The Sun’.

Well, you see Movies are great to watch and have fun but the way you talk too much and after a series of events you start to lose your inner personality, and they somehow make you watch ‘Jab We Met’, that is a whole another level of experience.
When you don’t talk much and keep things to yourself and they come into your life and you end up sharing everything to them, and if you have watched ‘My Love from another Star’, you are going to relate to that experience of your life yet again at whole different level.

Movies can sometime shatter your bones and sometime help you to find the strength in those very own bones. The point of difference is always the perception of you to the world.
Everyone has different perception to the world and what time could be better than to find someone and share your perception with them.
Let yourself indulged into their ways of perception to things and let them into yours.
Let them know how you are holding them in those movies,
Let them know how you are holding them in those movies’ theme song.
Let them know how much you want to be theirs.

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