Predicting Future | Understanding the Past and Human’s Imaginative Powers

Galileo pioneered the use of the telescope for observing the night sky, building upon it Kepler’s laws predicted the elliptical orbit of the Earth around the Sun.

Combining Kepler’s Laws, Issac Newton paved the way for the Modern Physics with his Laws of Motion and consecutively Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity changed the understanding of space, matter and time.

Could a Homo Sapient born in Africa be able to predict any of it?

Can you predict the future?

We can imagine the future.

Many of great discoveries came from the ability to imagine.

The ability to imagine beyond the scope of understanding. Galileo discovered Saturn’s Rings just by imagining the space and cosmos and along with his immense ability to observe.

Everything that is there in this Universe work according to some laws. We all just need to imagine, observe and decipher those laws.

J. K. Rowling imagined a world of wizards and transformed her imagination onto the blank pages.

Stephen Hawking imagined the Cosmos and transformed his imagination into deriving theories on Black Holes.

Steve Jobs imagined flat screen cell phones and transformed his imagination into an iPhone.

So, just remind yourself that you are made up of the star-dust, you are a part of the Universe.

You can travel through the Cosmos by just imagining, you can traverse through the technological advancements by just imagining.

Imagining is the first step to a broad approach that lies ahead.

But we need to be clear about the fact that future is still uncertain and no matter how much you imagine it to be your way, there is a possibility that it could go another way.

You need to prepare yourself for a possibility of failures. This is the zeroth step.

In his book, Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman introduces the two selves in the mind.

The first self in the mind operates automatically and quickly and the second one with complex computations.

The first self can help you coming up with the imaginative idea and the second self can help you to execute it.

Just to give you an idea about these two selves, The idea for this article came from the first self as I was scrolling through the Instagram and I saw a reel that has POV as its caption. The neurone in my mind awakens from deep sleep and a neurone among many initiate in me the curiosity of the POV from the future. Now the first self has done its job of erupting the curiosity. Now the second self need to take action on it and now here I am writing this article with the second self of the mind.

You need to control those two selves and start creating, creating poems, songs, technological advancements, movies, theories, canvases and don’t just limit yourself to just these things.

Go ignite your first self and start creating something that don’t exist.

Imagine things in colours that don’t exist.

Imagine things in dimensions that don’t exist.

Imagine things in time beyond the General Theory of Relativity.

Imagine things beyond anyone’s imagination.


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