Chapter 1 | From the Upcoming Novel ‘The Multiverse’

I open my eyes after a good night’s sleep. There is a strong feeling of unfamiliarity within me. There are some changes in my surroundings but I just couldn’t point them out. The birds are still chirping from the window and the cranking of the fan is still adding depth to its melody. The Alchemist is still lying in the right corner of the study table. I last read it in the coaching institute when I met Arisa and when the King of Salem said, “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” I immediately manifested it, I begged the Universe to let a Supernova Explosion happen just so I could look at the falling stars and make a wish, I hope the Universe to let the formation of Black Holes just so it could influence the surrounding space and matter, including my own. 

Besides the book, still lies the journal in which I recorded entries after the stars in the sky. ‘The Alnilam’ describes the events of a day I spent with Nyra, my elder sister. We were riding bicycles on an empty road singing classic Bollywood songs. ‘The Markeb’ describes the day I gave my NTSE Stage 1, I was happy because I knew that I would pass.

Besides the table, still lies the bookshelf. The Concepts of Physics is at the top since I last practised numerical from it. A crushed white sheet of paper still lies under the table. That sheet most probably contains the wrong solution to last year’s JEE problem.

“JEE” I say to myself.

“JEE” I say again, loud enough to scare the birds outside the window.

I get out of my bed and into the corridor looking for a place away from anyone who has a desire to live because I have lost mine. I take the stairs to the terrace. Tears start rolling through my eyes. It’s something I need to end. I want to end me. I can’t take this anymore. I have been feeling a certain pain in me. The pain that I can’t take anymore.

“You have never been loved, Zryan.” A distant voice says without a shiver in her voice, but my body shivers throughout. My mind assures me that it is probably because it is cold in here.

I look at the pills

“You just have to kill yourself so as to end these thoughts.” The voice continues.

Do I really want this?I ask myself

There is a feeling of nothingness, a feeling of being empty, a feeling of insanity, a feeling of hatred towards my own body.

So yeah I guess I want this.

A girl is screaming behind me. It feels as if she is trying to say something but someone is trapping her voice and only a part of it is reaching out to me.

 I tell myself that nobody is here, that I am all alone, and maybe we are born alone so we are going to die alone too.

My head is bursting with thoughts I can’t allow anyone to know about.

“Why do people love?”

“Why do people even talk to other people?”

“Is this the grand plan made for me by God?”

“Is he even listening to us or is he busy making something bigger than all of us?”


Did it start on the day I was born or on the day I started feeling things happening to me?

A thought comes, then another and more and more coming like breathing. I breathe them out and my head breathes them in.

I stopped breathing so as to stop my head messing with me.

It stopped at a picture of a sunflower I clicked. I see Arisa as I see a sunflower with a never ending pattern.

A sunflower is something that sort of unites us.

But now I don’t care about anything because I am going to die. Maybe death is the greatest opportunity life can ever offer.

“I have to do this”, so I plugged in my headphones and played Faasle by Aditya Rikhari

 Arisa comes closer to me and hold my hand and says, “Let’s do it together.”