Category: Poem-Verse

  • Words are all I have to take your heart away! | A Poem

    I would peel oranges for youI would take you to places that makes me believe in love,That fort in Aligarh, that old bazaar inside the Red Fort,I would take you to that lone-damaged car wreck that lies in my hometown locality,And tells you that broken things can be a beauty as well. I would want…

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  • Pretty Moths pt.2 | A Poem

     I find comfort in metaphors, I look at stars hanging my legs off a window, just like a moth, a disconcerting metaphor and wonder do stars look back at us the way we look at them, with hope, with enthusiasm, with wonder. Do they break themselves intentionally with a purpose, to make us a wish.…

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  • Pretty Moths | A Poem

    I ike to roll, like to climb, like to scream, like to break(heart strings), like to yell(heart out), like to cry, like to feel(the stars, the moon, the sky, the birds), like to go nuts, like to rock out. If you want to know what I think, I think moths are pretty, pretty much everything…

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