Author: jibran

  • Pretty Moths pt.2 | A Poem

     I find comfort in metaphors, I look at stars hanging my legs off a window, just like a moth, a disconcerting metaphor and wonder do stars look back at us the way we look at them, with hope, with enthusiasm, with wonder. Do they break themselves intentionally with a purpose, to make us a wish.…

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  • The Netflix Love Story | Indulging lives into the Cinematic Experience

    From matching vibes with the ‘Mismatched’ to learn each other own difference with ‘The Kissing Booth’,each of our love story takes its shape into not so perfect yet through-going.From taking time to let them slip into your comfortable space with ‘To All The Boys I’ve loved Before’ to ‘Pride and Prejudice’, the through-going love story…

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  • Conserving Water | Accelerating Change

    “Water is the most perfect traveller because when it travels it becomes the path itself!” ― Mehmet Murat Ildan Water is a symbol for emotions.CARE. Offer them a glass of water during the summer.JOY . Take them to the sea shore and let the warmth of the waves blanket your soul. AWE. Visit a glacier and wonders…

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