ChatGPT: AI’s Quiet Takeover, Reshaping Our Daily Lives |

My first ever experience with artificially built intelligence was when I was a 9 year old, with a calculator which was lying on my father’s desk. It had numbers, some calculation sign( or more than enough signs that I knew at that time). Out of curiosity, I simply add 1+2. I knew the answer and seeing a 3 on that small screen made my first interaction with manifestation. I add 2+2 and manifest a 4 and I got it. 

My father, after observing my interest in that manifestation-makes-true tool, gave me a task. He asked me to calculate all the ways I could get a 8 on the screen through any calculation sign. This addictive game made to question my own self because I was manifesting a 8 with 9-17. I lost interest in that tool because in our school, the teachers started to ask us about finding the lowest number that could be divisible by two given numbers and I could not do on it.

ChatGPT is an artificially built chatbot that can grasp existing knowledge, and in turn, can give you a refined answer, somehow, a new answer such as a new design, a self written paragraph, a self written programme, a less complicated answer to most complicated topic.

So, how would you know that this article is not written using it. I don’t know? You guess it.

In this era, where we as human don’t know what could be right mix of intelligence for ourselves. We are imparting it to the computers. Don’t believe me? Try googling “How to build a right mix of intelligence for a human being?” You will get tons of articles to build an AI. Well, the simplest way to be able to understand how an AI could be better is to make it as much as similar to a human brain.

When I asked ChatGPT, How to build an AI? It told me about some programming languages, some machine learning tools, some algorithms. Algorithms that make people to consume what it wants. Want to know how? Obviously, it needed a human to give the input and it would just give the output. There’s always going to need a human being intelligent enough to outsmart an AI. And the question is how we are going to sustain our intelligence superior to that of an AI. The simplest way is to be able to understand how a human brain could be as much as different to that an AI.

AI is going to thrive how much we limit our intelligence. How much we are going to be creative not just in building algorithms to give answers to questions but in being able to be versatile because I just checked on ChatGPT that the most versatile element in the universe is carbon and you can further ask it what wonders a carbon atom can do?

  • Credits: Ashish Jaiswal, “Fluid: The Approach Applied by Geniuses Over Centuries”
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